Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In other news...

Chris, Jeff and Katie have made it through their third day of school with no incidences.  Well with the exception of new policies at Katie's school.  This is the third day that I have had to track down my daughter when picking her up, because she was not at the designated spot that I was told she would be at and in the middle of a torrential downpour to boot.  I was not a happy camper by no means.

My stepdaughter and her boyfriend are still having communication problems.  Strictly her fault of course.  She doesn't want to fully admit that she was in the wrong and actually though that by taking him out to dinner was a good enough remedy to the solution.  He kind of made a joke saying that she would go broke by having to buy him dinner every time she lies to him.  She didn't find it funny.  She has not officially apologized either. I think that she thinks that in two weeks or so he is going to forget about all this. 

I have been doing a lot of eye rolling when it comes to her.  It is really starting to wear thin on me. Her boyfriend has been calling her out on a lot of stuff and unfortunately he has been the only to ever to do this.  Her father, mother and grandparents have always tiptoed around upsetting her because they all thought she was fragile.  Since her teen years anyway.  When she was Katie's age she was a normal child. 

She goes to live with her mom and  she totally changed.  Chris has accepted that he needs to start calling her out as well.  Her grandparents are just defending her by saying "she's just a little mixed up right now"  and her mother won't do anything because she is exactly the same way.  She won't even look at me anymore and I believe it is the guilt and/or shame she feels because she knows that I know everything she has done.  Of course I am just assuming that and I could be wrong.

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