Saturday, August 21, 2010

Knowledge is the Key

I don't talk much about my political beliefs or issues on this blog.  I am thinking that maybe I should start voicing my concerns.  After all, I have that right.

I am a Republican.  Whether you want to call me a conservatist, right winger, Grand Old Party participant or what have you, I stand by what my party fights and stands for. 

Preserving the integrity of our country by upholding the Constitution. 
Our fore fathers painstakingly worked through what would be considered now our mission statement.  What America stands for.  What we will and will not tolerate and what is most important above all is that Americans have the right to have a government that will do the WILL of the people. 

Do you honestly think that our government is doing its job right now?  I have heard so many people complain that WE THE PEOPLE are getting ignored.  Well it's because WE THE PEOPLE put the wrong politicians in office. Plain and simple as that.

We Americans need to get our country back on the right track.  Which means we need to do our research and get to know and understand the politicians that are running for offices this November.

Take for example my state. 
We have a new batch of politicians and non politicians running for Governor. 
Rick Scott is a businessman. 
Bill McCollum is a career politician.
Both are republican but both have different ideas and views on how they want to deal with things and get Florida on the right track.

Who am I voting for?  Bill McCollum.  He closely relates to my expectations of a governor.
I agree with most of his views and his plans and to me it makes him a legitimate contender.

Rick Scott is a business man.  With questionable integrity.  He was a CEO of a company that was convicted of fraud against the government.  He claims to not have known what his own company was doing and he may have accepted responsibility and resigned but even that does not sit well with me. 
I look at this with one of two scenarios playing out:
He really didn't know what was happening which therefore deems him incompetent and therefore does not deserve the right to represent me or he did know all along which makes him a criminal  and therefore does not deserve the right to represent me.

Regardless of the mud slinging that both campaigns are doing.  I took the initiative to find out more about these men.  It wasn't hard.  Just a little research and voila I know who I am voting for. 

We Americans must do our part to insure that our country gets back on the right track period. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't care much bout politic.. but I know my right as citizen..
do the best for my country is my responsible.. but how ang when.. i m not ye figure out...