Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Could it be finally coming off?

Starting to feel like normal.  Still have some swelling issues with the ear but nowhere near the severity it was.  I noticed today that I have dropped a few pounds.  Nothing visually noticeable but my pants fit a little looser.  I think I am finally starting to lose weight the right way.  I was contemplating on whether or not to buy diet pills to help start the process. I don't want to have to rely on anything other than regular exercise and sensible eating but I have been this size for far too long now.  I know that my thyroid has been compromised but it shouldn't make it totally impossible to lose weight.  After all, I have noticed a difference and I hope it continues. 
One of these days, I will be brave and post a before and after picture, once I have lost the weight that I am comfortable with.  But as of right now, I just don't like myself and I am so self conscious. 

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Mizuheisei said...

I just found you and I already love you. :]
But good for you! Don't worry too much about your weight. Many people I know are overweight and absolutely beautiful.