Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cleaning for my own Oscar and Felix.

I cleaned today for a long time customer.  The renter's are actually the ones responsible in me securing this twice a month gig.  The owner pays me monthly since she lives out of state and if the renter's want something additionally done than they pay me the extra.  It has worked out very well over the past year. 

Today, I did a spring clean for the two bachelors.  They had me clean out all their cabinets and cupboards.  They wanted everything wiped down and all the expired products thrown away.  No problem, I actually like things out of my normal routine.  It makes the day go by faster really.  Although I was there for five hours. Made more money but boy was my back sore.

Cleaning for the two bachelors is sometimes amusing.  They remind me of the Odd Couple.  One is older, just for giggles I will call him Oscar, and he could be the other's father but they click in a very amusing way.  They complete each other but not in a romantic way, just in a live together way.  The older gentleman works for himself.  His company is more of a management company for other companies.  He comes in and tells you what to do differently to make your own company prosper.  More like an advisor. 

The younger gentleman, just for giggles again, I will call him Felix,  is my age, but he is very successful.  He is a professor at the nearest university.  He teaches classes online. He also helps the older bachelor with the financials of his business.  Felix has a son a few years younger than my Katie.  The little boy spends every other weekend with his dad and his dad's room is busting at the seams with all the little boys toys and video games.  Sometimes just walking into his room is like walking through a landmine field.  I normally just put the son's toys into the closet so at least you can see the floor.  They are both clean but Felix is by far the most cluttered.  His desk is the epitome of organized chaos.  It is very difficult to get to everything but I do it.

They both have amazingly beautiful girlfriends.  I sometimes wonder if they are in the relationship just because the men have more money than they know what to do with.  Seriously... these guys are not hurting for anything.  They may live together when they could easily afford places of their own but I think they also like living together.  Oscar if more serious and Felix has his quirks but when they are both home there is always humor. 

While I was cleaning out Felix's medicine cabinet I could not believe all the acne products he had stuffed in there.  None of it was beyond it's expiration date but I had to be able to organize it differently so I made room under the bathroom sink for all of it.  Felix actually likes that arrangement better.  None of it was actually his but his girlfriend's and seeing her plenty of times, I am a firm believer that the stuff she uses works because I have never seen a blemish on her.  She is one of the socialite types.  Always looks pristine but she is also very down to earth and sweet.  When I cleaned for them a few days before Christmas, on top of getting a bonus from the guys ( money) she also gave me a basket of chocolates and Bath and Body Works lotions and pampering goodies.  I remember she told me that although money is always nice, getting things to make you feel more like a woman is better.  I have to admit that I did enjoy the basket. 

Oscar's girlfriend is a little different.  Maybe it's because she is Norwegian and not all that familiar with our culture in the states.  She is used to being pampered and taken care of.  Apparently her ex husband bought her a house on the Keys so that she would be as far away from him as possible.  Her statement exactly.  She kids about needing a man to take care of her but she has never demanded anything like that from Oscar.  In fact when she has been there in the mornings that I have cleaned, she has always made him breakfast and laid out his clothes and then has taken him shopping.  She bought me a Coach purse with wallet and money inside for Christmas.  I still don't have a clue as to what I will use it for.  It's not an every day type purse.  I still thought it was sweet but she seems to be the type that gives people things in order to win your friendship over.  Not that she is a mean person but maybe she thinks she has to. 

Oscar and Felix are one of my favorite customers to clean for.  They treat me with respect and are always going out of their way to make me comfortable.  They may have money but they do not fit the "I am far better than you are" mold.  I wish I could have taken a picture of their Christmas tree.  It was a white one with huge themed ornaments.  Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, Roger Rabbit. I have never seen anything like it.  It was definitly a bachelor Christmas Tree.

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