Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fresh Start and Fresh House.

Although I may not have the Condo Complex anymore, I am still staying active.  I cleaned today for a long time customer.  Jeannie and her husband, Bob, have been so instrumental in passing out my cards to just about everyone they know.  I have cleaned for some of their friends and do get repeat calls for cleaning but several of them, like Jeannie and Bob, are snowbirds.  My business has been profitable during the busy season which typically starts in November and runs until June.  So I am searching different avenues to keep the business thriving during the off season.

I was approached yesterday by a real estate agent that deals with rental properties.  I gave her my card and she is calling me next week to meet with her to discuss pricing and availability.  This weekend I will have to sit down and really think about how to price this out.  I just wouldn't be cleaning a house but going through it with a fine tooth comb to make sure it is ready for the next renters.  I have also been asked to look into new construction clean outs.  That is a hefty job but if I can get my foot into that door, well I would have to hire help.  Which I think would be a positive step in helping out in employing desperate individuals in dire need of  a job.  So, I am open to that. 

Also, Chris has been asked to replace a kitchen/hallway tile floor.  So that is more money in our pockets.  He would have to do the job on the weekend since he has school during the week but they know that and they would prefer that anyway.  The only thing holding them back is whether to replace tile with tile or have a wood floor instead.  Chris is pricing the difference as I type this and will visit them tomorrow to show them their options.  Chris's dad has had several neighbors inquire about Chris' painting prices.  Last summer, Chris painted their neighbors house.  So now everyone in their neighborhood is aware that Chris paints.  Funny thing is that Chris really doesn't want to be a painter.  He is a good handy man but painting is not one of his favorite things to do.  So maybe while I figure out which direction my company goes, Chris may be the one bringing in the money on the weekends.  Which is fine with the both of us, just in case it takes awhile for mine to push forward. Not that I am going to slack off in pushing mine forward, but it will take that stress of having to have something yesterday anxiety looming over my head.

Besides cleaning today, I have also started to organize the house.  I figure since it is a new year and everything is going to get overhauled. I might as well include my house in that too.  Katie and I went through all her clothes and I just could not believe how much stuff she has outgrown.  We had two kitchen bags full of clothes for the Salvation Army.  I have also found a half dozen of those skinny ties  that were on the top shelf of her closet.  I know they don't belong to her so I assume that they were here when we moved in.  However, I am positive that we got rid of most of the previous tenants belongings when moved here.  In any case, they went into the bag for the Salvation Army, because neither Chris nor Jeff would wear them.  Tomorrow we will finish Katie's room and then tackle my office.  I don't have a lot of space but I have a ton of  stuff that I can not get rid of so, my next project is going to be putting up more shelves to accommodate everything.  Good thing Chris is handy, because I can't be trusted with a drill or a hammer.

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