Sunday, May 27, 2007

I hate migraines....

but apparently they love me.. I can't go a week without getting at least 3. Ever since my family moved to Florida which is three years now, I have noticed that the allergies I had up north are far worse down here. I am thinking that my migraines are a symptom of my allergies or it could be stress. It's hard to really pin point the problem. Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Imitrex do not touch this headache and percoset just deadens the pain. It's still there but tolerable. I definitely do not want to get dependant on percoset for these migraines but until I find something that helps it's all I got.

Kat and her boys will be having dinner with us later on today. Katie and I will go pick them up and head on over to the mall to hang out and let Mark collect applications from the places hiring. Jeff will be working already and when he is done we will all come home for a nice steak dinner and the boys can play on the Xbox. Chris will enjoy a couple of peaceful hours while Katie and I are gone. He loves the idea of that.


Anonymous said...


Have you tried allergy medication instead of drugs for the headache?

Personally speaking, I have used a nasal spray. These are great because they don't make you drowsy but I know that a lot of friends swear by Claritin.

Its weird with pollen allergies. I know people from the other side of the world move abroad and develop pollen allergies and don't know what is happening to them!


Mindy said...

I have tried Drixoral. That just makes me loopy more so than percoset. I will however try Claritin. Thanks. I will post if it works.