Monday, May 21, 2007

I need a vacation

the only problem with that is that I only have one vacation day left until August. I know that Memorial Day is next Monday and that means a three day weekend but for some reason I am not looking forward to that kind of time off because that means that I will have to share that with my family.. I love my family but sometimes I need to get away for awhile. Y'know get some "me" time. Kat and I have been tossing the idea around about having a girls night out or something but we haven't yet committed on a day. My car has kind of limited me since it has a mind of it's own and starts when it wants to. I am pretty sure it's the starter. I took it to an mechanic that my company uses for their service trucks to look at tomorrow. I am hoping he doesn't give me some outrageous price.
I should go to my boss and tell them that I will take them up on their offer of having the work done on my car as part of the retroactive raise they are supposed to give me. Back in August of last year I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee that needed the A/C revamped and they were going to have that done for me as part of my raise but we sold the Jeep and got a better vehicle. Hmm... yep I think I shall bring that to their attention. Wonder if they will do it.
Anyway... I am just needing so time off. I have a feeling that the headaches I have been getting are stress related. I hate that shit.


kat said...

We'll figure out a day to go out. I need a night out myself.
And I totally hear ya on the stress bringing on migraines. I think that's why I get so many myself.

Mindy said...

I kid you not I have had the same headache for four days now. The migraine is gone but that dull pain is still there. I had to take a percoset to be able to sleep the last few nights.