Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some people have nerve.

We recently received an invitation from one of Chris' co-workers to attend her baby shower. Now I am not a huge fan of this girl because I can not tolerate stupidity and she just exudes it from every pore on her body.
When I was reading this party announcement I was completely dumb founded when I realized that the baby shower will be held at one of the business partners house. Are you fucking kidding me? I looked at Chris in amazement and asked him what the hell possessed this man to allow an office managers baby shower at his house. Chris just kind of smirked and said that he kinda had to since 60 people were invited and a lot of them are their very own clients. WTF! This "office manager" has a lot of fucking balls to invite clients of the company she works for.
The invitation also states that the price of admission is a pack of diapers. Truly tacky. I asked Chris' mom if she was attending and she laughed and told me that the price for admission was too much... haha.. although I am pretty sure that Chris' dad has to go since he is partner and there will be clients there.

Chris and I will not be attending this event but Chris feels obligated to get her a gift. I saw this advertisement for testing your breast milk for signs of alcohol over at Kat's site. It would be part gag and part real gift. She definitely likes to drink(although I have been told that supposedly she is not drinking at the moment). I thought about also getting her a breast pump but she probably couldn't figure out how to use it :)

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Mr. Fabulous said...

60 guests? How many people does it take to clean off a baby?