Monday, May 28, 2007

Just hanging out with good friends.

Yesterday the family and I had a blast with Kat and her boys. Every time we get together it most certainly is never boring.
Poor Sebastian heard the Ice Cream Truck and took off two streets down to get something while Chris and Katie waited at the end of our driveway for the Ice Cream Truck. After he came back all out of breath and enjoying his popsicle we noticed that the Ice Cream truck was getting louder and then stopped right in front of the driveway where Chris and Katie were waiting.
Kat and I laughed our asses off at Sebastian and on top of that when he learned about the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer his poor jaw dropped.
Jeff and Mark just sat on the couch playing on the Xbox for hours. I swear it's the age. That's all they want to do.
Chris told me today that we should have the boys spend the weekend with us sometime. He is so thoughtful sometimes. He just has the biggest heart.
I think we will need to stock the fridge before we have them for the weekend. haha..

Kat and the boys were supposed to come back over for a cook out but Mark's Big would be keeping him until 8pm and Kat's back was hurting so we decided that we will get together another time. Who knows maybe the boys can spend next weekend with us and Kat and I can go out!

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