Sunday, May 18, 2008

Confusion about the contest.

Mr. Fab pointed out the confusion in what I am asking for in the Regalo Boutique contest. I do not want someone to design a header. I would like you all to submit a paragraph for the headline of the upcoming sale. Please visit the homepage of Regalo Boutique to see exactly what the headline is. The contest is extended till June 10th. The voting will be done on June 15th. The new sale starts June 21st. If you have any questions. Please contact me at or

The paragraph should be at least 50 words but no more than 150 words. Everyone that participates will receive a gift.

Every entry will be voted on by you.

The top three will be chosen.

Go here to view the rest of the details.

I do apologize if I confused you all. It was not my intention.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Whew! Writing I can do. Graphic design, not so much.

And by not so much I mean...not at all :)

Mindy said...

Mr. Fab - We all have at least one thing we are not good at. Thank you again for pointing out the confusion.