Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is not a pity party… it’s just me whining

Have you ever just wanted to switch lives with someone else even for only one day? I have often thought about doing that but then the other person would probably come back to their life all screwed up. Haha… I know that there are others that have it worse off than me but I would really like a change once in a while.

It's only going to get better once school lets out. Both kids home alone with me. Not a good combination because I am sure they will not survive the first week. All they do is bicker. What can an 8 year old girl and a 17 year old boy have to fight about? Apparently everything. I thought having so many years between them would be a good thing. My sisters and I were fairly spaced out between 3-5 years and we fought like cats and dogs. I mean smack down fights not just pushing and clawing. We get along better now that we are adults but we hated each other when we were teens.

I have admitted to myself today that I am extremely lazy. I don't like being that way and I know that I am the only one that can correct my own behavior. I am a creature of habit so in order for me to make a new habit I have to continue it every day for at least seven days. I haven't been able to make that work yet. But I am not going to give up. I don't know what it is. I am not sure if I am depressed or just don't give a rats butt. But sitting on my fat ass is going to get me to the solution any faster that's for sure. Speaking of my fat ass.. I hate to exercise alone. I need a partner to keep me accountable on daily walks and to encourage me when I am low.

Ok… I have said enough. I am going to bed now. Later


Mr. Fabulous said...

You can trade places with me for a day. If nothing else, you will have a penis to play with.

Humincat said...

Hey, you sound like me! Well, I am taking baby steps, so feel free to take them with me. I'd love to have some support too. I can come by and remind you, if you'd like. If I waited until the kids and Hubby were helping, pshh! I'd be a cow by now. Come on, take Katie and take a walk around the block. She'll love it (or not) but it will still be good for you.

Mindy said...

Mr. Fab - **snicker** Thanks buddy you made my day :)

Humincat - I could use your encouragement... I think I will utilize my daughter and get some alone time with my girl. Thanks!