Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother’s Day

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." My dad often told this to my sisters and me. He told me he read it somewhere and it was forever stamped on his heart.

Each year on Mother's Day, my father would wake my sisters and me early. We would cook my mom breakfast and serve it to her in bed. My sisters and I would then give my mom our presents that we made for her and my dad would give her his present. My mom would always tell him that she was not his mother. My dad would smile and tell her that she was a mother to his children and therefore deserved this. My dad always bought my mom jewelry. It was always something significant. My mom also did not clean or cook on her day either. My sisters and I would cook dinner or my dad would take us out.

When I first became a mom, and my first Mother's Day came around, it was my mom and dad that served me breakfast in bed and they gave me a necklace with my son's birthstone (garnet) in it. When I cried and told them that it was not their responsibility and Jeff was just a baby so I knew that Mother's Day wouldn't officially start for me for a few years yet. My dad however, smiled and told me that I was the mother of their first grandchild and I deserved this.

My children gave me a card, one of those that record your own voice, and it has the song "You're Unbelievable" on it when you open the card up. They have also ordered my Mother's Ring and I should have it within a couple of weeks. Chris gave me Queen's "A night at the Opera" CD that also has a DVD that has the videos that go along with the songs. I didn't question Chris on why he bought me something. I have a feeling my Dad had something to do with it.



Kat said...

This is a really nice post.
Sounds like you're having a good mother's day, enjoy!

Mindy said...

Kat - I am enjoying what I can. I still have to attend my school seminars but at least I am doing it in peace and quiet :)

lattégirl said...

What a sweet bunch to show their appreciation in various ways.

I got a phone call from my son on Mother's Day and that was plenty for me :)