Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My body is falling apart...

I don't know what the heck I did to my left leg but it sure is mad at me. I have had this sore and stiff feeling on my upper calf, very close to where it meets the knee all day. I started limping because it hurt to extend my leg when walking. The pain shoots all the way to my hip. Now... my leg just falls asleep for no reason. I think it may be a pinched nerve but I am not sure.
I am not even sure I can climb the stairs to go to bed tonight. Chris would be happy to have the bed all to himself and I am sure the puppies would not mind in sharing the couch with me.
If it doesn't set itself right by tomorrow I don't know how the heck I can go camping with Katie on Friday. I do know that one of their activities will be a 45 minute hike.
Maybe my body is subconsciously doing this to get out of going camping... One thing is certain, gimp or no gimp, this girl is getting her fat ass to the camp even it I have to chew the leg off. My daughter comes first... not my body.. right?

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