Monday, May 5, 2008

It’s been a very busy week

And it doesn't look like it is going to lighten up for me for a while. Let's see…

Monday – I went to the One Stop Center here in Sarasota because it was required by Unemployment and if I didn't go it would affect my check… so they say. The appointment was for 1pm and I would have to be there at least ten minutes early. I was twenty minutes early and by the time I got into the building there were 100 people waiting for the meeting to start. That's 100 unemployed people!!!! It didn't stop there… by the time they called my group into the conference room There was close to 200 people. I wasn't sure what to expect from this meeting and I truly thought that maybe it was supposed to be like an interview process where they see what your skills are and they place you for a job right there and then. NOPE… this was just an informative meeting telling us what they are about and the multiple of FREE services that they offer. Oh.. and they are not affiliated with Unemployment. I am not the least bit agitated that I went. I received some valuable information. For instance.. They have this program that if you are unemployed through no fault of your own they will pay for you to go back to school for an Associates degree. It will not cost you one frickin penny. I will know more about this program on Wednesday. Hey, if it's free why not? Also there is a One Stop in every county in every STATE… Go here for info in your area

Tuesday - I completed all the loose ends for homework that needed to be submitted and took my tests. I am finally starting to understand algebra more without the constant help from my son. Jeff is happy that I am not calling him every 5 minutes..haha.. My man got his confirmation for his flight to Washington state at the end of this month. It's a long story and I may post about it later but it is very important to him and he is excited and yet hesitant at the same time. I also visited my mom so that I could show her how to maintain her computer so it doesn't drag butt. I have to show her how to do this because just talking her through doesn't help. I am like her in that way… Show me once and I got it. Except for algebra of courseJ

Wednesday – A new week in school starts every Wednesday and I usually try to skim through everything the night before but sometimes that doesn't always happen. So.. I normally start the school week doing a lot of reading and note taking and doing a crap load of practice problems. I can't imagine working right now with the two courses I am taking… I would either be bald or in a corner sucking my thumb curled up in a fetus position.

Thursday – Cleaned house, did laundry, rearranged my kitchen cabinets and uncluttered my counters. Then did more schoolwork but still had dinner on the table before 5:30pm. Needless to say that after my shower that night, I do not remember my head hitting the pillow. I think my man tried to get some loving but I was out for the count.

Friday – I did a little grocery shopping and we went to Wal-Mart (don't hate me Kat) for some needed Girl Scouts supplies. Katie and I will be going on her first camping trip next Friday – Saturday. So she is all excited and I am really not looking forward to sharing a hot, sticky cabin with four girls and another mother. I used to love camping but Florida is way too hot. I am hoping they will have fans but I doubt it. I may have to take a portable one because if I have a hot flash I am going to be a very bitchy woman. Hey… I can admit that.

Saturday – We went to my cousins graduation party. Jen has graduated from the University of Florida and yes she is a Gator fan haha… Her mother on the other hand, my aunt, is a fanatic!!! She has what we call the stalker wall… she has gotten Tim Tebow's pictures with autographs in frames hanging on the stalker wall. Tim even signed a lined piece of paper stating that she is his number one fan. Well before they told him not to sign autographs yet. If you don't know who Tim Tebow is… you're under a rock? He is the Heisman trophy winner and I believe he will be a junior this year at UF. Anyway… Jen is one smart cookie.. I am so proud of her. She graduated Magnum Cum laude and she will be starting her career with Carrier in June shortly after she comes back from her backpacking trip in Europe with her boyfriend, Grant. Jen's major? Industrial Engineering. Not bad huh? My son, Jeff, has taken a lot of advice from Jen and he would like to go into Aerospace Engineering at Embry Riddle on the East Coast of Florida. I plan on taking him there this summer. The party started at 2 and I think we were there until 7? I can't remember because I was too busy talking to relatives that I haven't seen in years.

Sunday – I attended both my class seminars and finished some loose ends with the powerpoint presentation that is due tomorrow night. Not sure if I am happy enough with it to turn it in. So I may be playing around a bit more with it. My man and son have been on WOW (World of Warcraft) on and off the whole damn weekend. They drive me crazy sometimes… Katie has been counting down the days until her camping trip. I made an authentic Mexican dinner last night. Cheesy Enchiladas, Spanish rice, and my own version of pintos and cheese. If anyone is interested I can jot down the recipe.

Ok… I have got you caught up on my boring life… sorry that blogging has taken a back seat to my school work. I have to believe that I do have priorities. But I will try and post daily…even if it is something trivial.

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lanterns said...

It is hard to believe that is that hot already in Florida. I live in Colorado and the snow is just now starting to recede so we can go camping some.

Mindy said...

lanterns - I love camping..don't get me wrong.. but the spring and summers in Florida is not the time to do it... I would LOVE to camp in Colorado. That must be beautiful.

lanterns said...

Colorado is beautiful! But I like to camp anywhere I can. I will probably be one of the RV crowd when I get old!