Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The landlord lives...

He actually showed up today. Luckily Chris was home for lunch otherwise I probably would have knocked him out right where he stood.
Apparently the tenants next to us wanted the wood for firewood. So when Chris and Jeff were done cutting up the huge branch they tossed the wood over the chainlinked fence. The owner was not happy and wanted it cleaned up.
So the landlord came by with a few of his men and they took care of that. They also took all the shrub and debris away and they cut our lawn. I was floored.
Chris and the landlord discussed the fence repair and we will go ahead and do whatever needs to be done and take the expense off the rent. The landlord will be taking the tree out or at the very least cutting off the branches that are questionable. We told him it needs to be done soon and if nothing happens within 30-45 days than we will do it ourselves. Can you see where this will go?
Apparently his excuse for not getting back to us was he was out of town. Ummmm... we called his cell. Which I am sure he had on him. The house line was connected to his fax machine so no message could be left there. And apparently he and his wife are separated but not getting a divorce because it is cheaper that way. WTF????? So maybe that's why he hasn't gotten his messages as he conveyed. Does your wife have your cell phone? The one that you responded to when there was a ticked off neighbor? You only came by because you wanted to protect your reputation. You didn't have concern for your tenants.
So.. the next time I have an issue... I won't call him, I will tell the neighbor and have them call him and lets see how fast he sprints over here. I am a bitch.. hell.. I own that!


latt├ęgirl said...

At least you got some action out of him!

I sent you an entry for the Regalo contest - no word from you yet... did you get it?

Mindy said...

lattegirl: Yes I did. I am preparing the post today and it will appear tomorrow. I think you did a great job btw;)