Thursday, January 7, 2010

Breaking out the Heating Blanket

This is by far one of the worst winters I have experienced in Florida. In the last three days I have felt like I was back living in Ohio, when it came time to hop in my car in the morning to drive Katie to school and then off to work. Why? Because I have had to WARM up the car and scrape ice off my windshield and windows before I could go anywhere.

Today's high was suppose to reach into the 70's but it doesn't feel much more than the 40's and it is already close to 4p.m. Tomorrow is supposed to warm up into the 60's but it will plummet on Saturday into the 40's. Rain is expected on both days. Since today was supposed to be in the 60-70's range I am pretty positive that tomorrow will be more like today.

It was so cold last night that we got the kids and me a pair of gloves and Katie a new warmer jacket. I used my gloves this morning and they did a great job at keeping my hands warm. I cleaned at my parents this morning and my dad was complaining about the reason they moved from Ohio to Florida was to escape the cold weather. My mom is on a cruise with the choir in Mexico and it is pretty cold there too. We don't get this cold weather often in Florida.

I can deal with the cold if it's temporary. And to me a few weeks is temporary. Although I miss seeing snow from time to time, I don't really wish to see it down here. A number of people are guessing that even though it says it is going to rain on Friday and Saturday they are betting dollars to donuts that there will be a few flurries in the air. I don't doubt that myself.

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