Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's up with the insomnia?

I can't sleep.
I have tried to just lay down and try to relax hoping beyond all hope that I would just fall asleep. I don't get this way often but when I do it just messes with my internal clock for the entire day.
I will probably be up all night and then crabby by noon tomorrow, or should I say today. I know I will be exhausted today and with the cleanings that I need to do, I am not sure where I will find the energy. One thing is certain though, I will be needing some of the best anti wrinkle face creams because I get major lines under my eyes if I don't get the proper rest. And since I won't get rest at all tonight I am going to look ten or more years older.
At least I have my animals to keep me company while the rest of my family happily slumbers and dreams tonight.. *** sigh***

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