Monday, January 18, 2010

Extraordinary Measures: A movie review

My friend, Kat, emailed me with an opportunity to see the not yet released movie, Extraordinary Measures with her. Extraordinary Measures comes out this Friday, January 22nd. We had to drive to Muvico Theater in Tampa on Thursday, January 14th since there were no theaters closer to us that were participating. A trip that was worth it in my opinion.

Extraordinary Measures is based on actual events of the lives of John Crowley (Brendan Frasier), his wife, Aileen (Keri Russell), and their three children, John, Megan, and Patrick.

Megan and Patrick are in the midst of dealing with a deadly disease called Pompe. John is desperate to find help for his two younger children since the life expectancy with children born with the disease is 9 years old. Megan has already turned 8. John teams up with Dr. Robert Stonehill ( Harrison Ford), a scientist with unconventional work habits and a stubborn demeanor, to come up with a viable drug which will save John's children. There are a lot of obstacles that they have to go through and with little time to do it in.

I fully expected this movie to be an all out sob story. I even grabbed a handful of napkins from the concession stand just so I would have plenty on hand to wipe the tears which I knew that would be flowing. I used two. Not because it wasn't an emotionally driven story, but because I laughed more than I shed tears. I enjoyed the movie, I loved the pairing of Brendan Frasier and Harrison Ford. They did a remarkable job and their onscreen chemistry was fantastic. This movie also touched me in a way that I had to learn more about Pompe. I never heard of it before. Extraordinary Measures made me aware of how truly devastating this disease is and how I wish there was something that I could do other than just writing this review.

As a parent, I would have done anything to save the lives of my children. I am not so sure I could have had the same affect as John Crowley, but I would have stopped at nothing to ensure that my children got what was necessary to live.

This is a movie that inspires you to want to help and to cheer on the ones actually doing something to help. I will be taking my family to see it in the near future.

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