Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not sure what to do about this....

Last Friday, my husband's boss ( known from here on out as Mr. Incompetent Or Mr. I, because he can't manage his own damn company) gave the few men that work for him an extremely low blow.

He could not afford to pay them for the previous week and he asked for understanding because he needs to settle with the creditor's first. He also asked the guys to take some time off while he gets some work done himself so he can settle with the owner's and get paid for the completed jobs. Although a few of the guys including my husband have been working here and there for the man but they are keeping track of their hours and per Mr, I. he will catch up with them later.

My husband, however, was paid because he gets his check directly deposited. His boss did tell Chris that the payroll company may try and take back the money. So... Chris moved the money to a different account just so that wouldn't happen. I am no expert, but I don't think payroll companies can do that. I think they would just go after Mr. I. for the money. After all he is the one that owes them not Chris.

Chris has also been working on proposals for Mr. I. for new jobs and he has been putting in some hours to sort of help him out, hoping that it will be a positive thing in the long run.
I am very skeptical of this whole thing. I think maybe that is the reason why I couldn't sleep last night. I am stressed out to the max. I am even thinking of looking through the web directory for a good lawyer because I don't think this is going to end well at all.

I am positive that it is against the law to not pay your employees. Mr. I. anticipates only two weeks of working without pay (for the moment) but I told Chris that if he does not receive a paycheck (direct deposit or not) by next Friday, I am going to do something. Mr. I. also owes my husband for mileage and expenses related to the job. Well over two hundred dollars worth. I think this is very poor business practice. Yes, he is a nice guy but nice guy or not you do not do that to your employees. It is a good thing I am bringing in some money, otherwise I don't know what we would do right now. It's not like there are jobs waiting to be filled.

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pugmann said...

Mindy. I've been there (in your husband's situation)... more than once.

I am a graphic designer/multimedia guy. I have had employers lock the doors on us in the past. One employer sounds exactly like the situation Chris is in now. When the second pay period went by, I gathered up some assets (computers, monitors... etc.), put a brief paragraph about how in leu of payment of $X.00, I was taking ... blah blah blah. They signed it, I loaded up my car and went home.

(I hit a deer on the way home too... but I digress. Another story for another time perhaps.)

First of all, as a grown man raising two strong boys (who eat everything) and living with my beautiful wife, being in positions where I can't provide for my family is a sickening feeling. I could not do any of it without the unconditional support of my wife through all of the highs and especially the lows. Maintain as great of an attitude as you can. You will both feel better about the situation.

You are fortunate that you are maintaining two businesses to keep your family afloat. Good for you.

If Chris is working on proposals now for Mr. I., is it possible for him (Chris) to take those proposals and fulfill them on his own?

I have been working out of my home studio now for a number of years. I love it. See my kids off to school. I'm home when they get home. I basically spend all day with my wife (except of course when I'm working...). I do work a lot of hours, but I am my own boss. I come and go as I please.

Be strong. ' )