Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year, a new beginning.

It's hard to believe that the year is now 2010. Where does the time go?
I don't think I could ever forget the year 2009. So many life changing events occurred and much to my dismay not all of them were good.
Chris got layed off in June. We really had to cut back in a lot of expenses and habits. Although we were a little put off by this, I think we came out a much stronger family for it. We haven't gone back to our old routine for fear that although he may have gotten another job, nothing is permanent. We relish our family time at home. We rarely go out unless it is a special occasion and we are fine with that.
My health was an issue for most of the latter months of 2009. Although I am coming along fine and healing every day, I am still aware that it could have been far, far worse and I am thankful that it wasn't.
With 2009 now behind us, we can focus on our goals for 2010.
Chris and I would like to start doing more things as a couple. Although we love our children deeply, we know that we need to have some time to ourselves. Jeff is getting more mature now and he has watched his sister for a few hours at a time without any mishaps. This is a true sign that he is growing into a fine man. Believe me, even though he is 8 years older they could fight like cats and dogs. Now they get along much better and Jeff actually enjoys spending time with her.
My cleaning business is growing fast and hopefully it will last longer than the season. I do have three clients that will require me year round. For that I am grateful. I know that the best customers to get is by word of mouth and so far it has worked.
Chris is enjoying his new job. He has learned so much in so little time. He has even began getting side jobs from his boss. Jobs that his boss just doesn't want to take the time to do himself so he refers them to Chris. Sometimes it sucks not having him home all to myself on the weekends but the money is good.
And with that we are finally starting to save again. It really bothered me that we had to deplete our savings the last part of 2009. But I am glad that we had that money. It made having our cars repaired and the little things that needed to be done a whole lost easier to deal with.
Chris would like to go back to Washington this year to spend some time with his daughter. Even though his ex is in contempt of court on her part of the deal, he still feels it is important to let his daughter know that he does love her. She would like Katie to come this time so she can get to know her. That to me is a positive step forward in their relationship. Before she wanted nothing to do with any of us. Which is understandable considering what her mother told her. Which by the way was all lies. But that is not my story to tell. I am thinking of getting travel insurance for the both of them when they go. No telling what could be happening in the world by the time they go, which will most likely be in the summer.
Jeff is starting his second semester next Monday. He is happy and content with how he is doing in school and I am happy for him. He will be turning 19 by the end of the month. I am not ready for that, but I know I can't stop it.
We have many house projects in the coming months to do.
With the help of Chris' boss we will be putting down wood flooring in our living room, stairs and upstairs landing. I am so excited to get this done. I absolutely hate carpeting in main rooms. The dust and crap that carpet keeps a hold of is nasty.
We plan on ripping out the tub in the master bath and making it a walk in shower. Neither Chris or I take baths and to have a nice shower would be heaven. Chris' newly acquired tile skills will come in handy. Jeff and Katie both want their rooms painted. I am not exactly thrilled with their color choices at the moment but I know that by the time we are ready to tackle that they will probably have changed their minds a thousand times.

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