Saturday, July 31, 2010

Been in denial...

but I can't stay that way forever.  My little girl is growing up and before long she will be a young woman with all the drama and woes of being a teenage girl and all that jazz.  Her father chooses to stay in that denial for now but pretty soon he is going to get the smack of reality.  I will revel in that by the way.

I have been teaching Katie about proper hygiene for awhile now.  Getting on her to take showers and brushing her hair every day and whatnot.  For the most part she is on top of keeping herself clean and presentable but she has been experiencing break outs that normal cleansing products aren't cutting it anymore.  She is only ten and I really don't want to introduce her to the stronger stuff yet so is there any acne treatments out there that maybe you have tried that is gentle on young skin?  With all the changes she is going through I really would hate for her to be so self conscious about the pimples.

She is already begrudgingly resigned to having to wear training bras and to use deodorant that I would really like to ease the rest of the growing pains for now.  I have tried the white tooth paste but all that does is make her skin all red the next morning and her skin is so sensitive that even the gentle cleansing soaps that I have gotten for her dry out her skin.  I am stumped.  Any suggestions or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

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