Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am not Picasso, nor do I want to be.

Today was a day that I wish I spent my time doing something more enjoyable rather than painting the stupid house.  We got a lot done but there is still more to do and it might take next weekend to completely finish it.   I have to admit that the color that we picked out looks a whole lot better than the cream color it was.  Chris took a before picture and I will post it once we have an after picture. 

Painting is something that neither Chris nor I enjoy but somehow we are becoming pros at it.  Jeff was a big help.  He painstakingly did the trimming work and was on the ladder most of the time.  However he is not a very neat painter. He mostly wore the paint in his hair. He gets tomorrow off for his hard work while Chris and I will finish the detailed work on the front of the house.  Next weekend will be reserved for the entire backside of the house. 

What I found most tedious was painting the stucco patterns on the front side.  I was so wishing for a paint sprayer and Chris did roll most of it but I had to brush in the cracks.  I have no idea why the house is both wood and stucco it just looks stupid.  When it was the cream color it didn't look pleasing at all but the green is looking so much more professional and cleaner looking. 

Our neighbors on both sides of us came out to watch us paint, and give us their opinions on how much better it looked. We even had people walking by and stopping to watch us.  Chris says it was because I was rocking out to my music which nobody could hear because I had my headphones on.  LOL!  I have to have some motivation to stand out in the hot sun and sweat my butt off and if it entertained people than so be it.  I am just hoping that no one videoed my feeble attempt at rocking out.  I mean it really wouldn't be all that entertaining if you couldn't hear Freddie Mercury belting  out "Fat Bottom Girls." 

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jen said...

Picasso is over rated.... painting your own place is priceless with the finished product. :)