Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watch out World...

My step daughter is 21 years old today.  That means that the girl is of legal age to drink.  She and her dad are about an hour and a half away having dinner with her mother.  Her one birthday request was to have both her parents take her out for her first (LEGAL) drink together.  Since her mom lives about 2 and half hours away they decided to meet somewhere in the middle. 

This weekend she plans on going back to that neck of the woods to go club hopping with some of her friends.  I am fine with that and it is a "right of passage" thing to do but she doesn't seem to understand that she should not be driving if they are going club hopping.  Her father and I have repeatedly told her that she needs to either have a designated driver or call a cab.  She casually threw in that her one friend MAY be able to be the designated driver since he is kinda not the club scene kind of person and because of the fact  that he may just be ok with not drinking.  Uhm... you might want to inform him first.. dontcha think?

Chris mentioned something about renting an RV or party bus and chauffeur them around.  Nope... not in the budget especially since rv insurance is required and we don't have that kind of stipulation on our insurance. So we will hope that she uses common sense and does the right thing. 

She is a smart girl when she applies herself but that doesn't happen very often.  I keep waiting for her to mature and it is painful to watch her make such stupid and completely out there mistakes but I know that in order to learn there are mistakes that need to be made.  I truly hope that my son doesn't act this way... I will kill him!

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