Friday, October 29, 2010

Katie is in her Glory...

Katie is gone for the weekend.  She is with her girl scout troop and they will be camping in tree houses.  The campground, that is officially for Girl Scout use only, is way cooler than I remember camping with my troop.  This year they have added stables and horses.  When Katie found this out I thought she was going to have a heart attack. She absolutely LOVES horses. 

She was first introduced to horses her first year as a Daisy.  I was so apprehensive about her going to ride horses for the first time because she was such a small girl and the horses were huge. Not only did the girls get to ride a horse, they were taught equestrian etiquette, which I found very interesting myself.  Before this I never knew that horse riding equipment is called a horse tack.  The girls were very attentive and Katie was just smitten with the horses.  How I wish I could afford to give Katie horse back riding lessons and for that matter a horse of her own because I know she would be in her element.  She has a way with horses.  She has no fear but neither does the horse she lays her eyes on.  Every single horse that she has ever ridden has taken to Katie.  She rides like a pro and she so enjoys it. 

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