Friday, October 29, 2010

You open up your home only to get spit on...

I didn't get to bed last night until way after 1am.  I went to bed pissed, upset and very hurt. 

A few days ago is when it started. For clarification, Chris has noticed lately that certain things have been moved on his dresser and that something may have been taken, but not 100 percent sure.  He puts his change there every evening before bed.  He is very meticulous and anal about having things in their own spots and when there is a disturbance in the Force he knows. 

Last night as I left to take Jeff to work just as Chris and Britt were ready to head out to drive and hour and a half to have dinner with Britts mom ( a birthday request by Britt, to have both her parents take her out to dinner together)  Chris set up his dresser.  I was only gone for maybe 30 minutes and I never went into the bedroom.  I didn't have a clue that Chris even did that until I left to go pick up Jeff four hours later and on the way home, Chris called me to ask if I had been in his dresser.  It would not have been a big deal if I had been in his dresser but he wanted to make sure it wasn't me.  Things were out of place and he thinks something was taken.

When he and Britt got home they went back out with Robbie in tow (Britts boyfriend and currently lives with us) They decided to go to the bar where Chris' best friend just recently got a bar tending job.  They were gone for about two hours.  Just as I was about to turn in for the night. I got a tingling feeling to check my jewelry box.  I found out that my necklace that Chris got for me last Christmas is gone!

I restrained myself from calling Chris while they were out because I did not want to ruin Britts birthday drink but I was mortified.  It's not that it is an expensive piece of jewelry but it means something to me.  If you were to pawn it you probably wouldn't get over $20 for it but that is besides the point. 

I quickly told Chris as soon as he walked into the door and we literally tore my dresser up thinking that maybe I may have put it somewhere other than my jewelry box.  Nothing was said to anyone because Chris did not want to upset Britt by accusing her boyfriend of being a thief... because he would have been the only one that the both of us would even consider taking things.  However the very next morning Chris made the comment about getting the police involved while at the table eating breakfast.  He mentioned it as a ploy because he was hoping that maybe the necklace would turn up. 

It did.  When I went to take off my shoes to take a nap that afternoon I felt something underneath my dresser (which is where I put my shoes when I take them off) I got on my knees and there was the box opened just lying on the floor.  My necklace was hanging out.  Chris has since gone out and bought a new door handle that requires a key for our bedroom door. I can't prove that anyone took it but I damn well know it wasn't there the night before otherwise I would have felt it when I took off my shoes. 

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