Thursday, February 24, 2011

Always misjudging a book by its cover... unfortunately

While I was cleaning for a fairly new client today, she introduced me to her neighbor, hoping to get them to hire my services.  Typically, I am somewhat reserved when meeting new people.  I was terribly shy as a kid and some of that lingers in me, even today.  However, if you happen to know me well enough you don't get that shyness, unfortunately you get the complete unedited version of Mindy, who is mostly sarcastic with a hint of dark humor.  Some of my clients bring me out of my shell and let me be myself and there others that I keep strictly on a professional level.

My new client is one of those people that bring me out of my shell.  It doesn't hurt that she and her partner live in the same Mobile Home park as my parents and they socialize regularly.  So I am more comfortable around them.  However, the neighbor she introduced me to was a little off.  Something about him just oozed abnormal.  It could have been his enzyte smile (you know the commercial where they are smiling like it hurts) or maybe it was the fact that for whatever reason, eye contact was taboo with him.  He made me a little self conscious, like I might be to hideous to look at.  He was pleasant enough and well mannered but I just got this uneasy feeling about him.  Like maybe he isn't at all what he appears to be. Of course my imagination could be working overtime, after all I do indulge in Dean Koontz and Stephen King books.  This guy could very well pass as one of their characters in their books.  I kid you not.

 I have to admit that more times than not I am a bad judge of character.  Its a fault of mine that I have been trying to work on, but fail miserably at often. Chris makes fun of me for it, but in a loving way, or at least that what he tells me.  Here's hoping that I totally misjudged this man and he turns out to be a very normal human after all, otherwise I am in deep doo doo.

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