Friday, February 25, 2011

Spelling like a two year old is a major pet peeve...

I mean really? Anus Burger? WTF?  Where do these companies get these uneducated idiots? Never mind I don't want to know. 

WalMart is a big offender, especially with their display signs.  Chris, Katie and I had to go there today to do some light grocery shopping.   While browsing through the isles, Chris pointed out the diet section where apparently they were trying to let you know that they had certain diet pills on sale.  However, that is not exactly how the display add read.  It read "Diet Spills Sale" and I just about lost it.  You would think a manager with brains would catch this.  It was written by someone and the happy smiley face was drawn on it. There is hardly a day when shopping there, that I find something spelled correctly.  I have seen cookies spelled coookies. Ok. so somebody got a little too excited with the o's. I have seen Shampoo spelled Shampou. I don't know why, but I thought of Shamu when I saw that. Anyway, it's just mind boggling to see how many people can't spell, or maybe, its just that one person in charge of the display signs. No telling.

I think that I may just dedicate a blog from the misspellings of Wal-Mart ads.  Y'know it would fit right in with the People of WalMart.

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