Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting new neighbors.

Well the slumlords have finally rented the house next door. They have actually been working over there the last few days getting the place ready for the new tenants.  My guess is that they realized that they were not going to get away with renting the house as it was.  They even planted some nice plants around the front of the house, which in my opinion made the front of the house look 100 times better. They also got rid of the rotting stick tree that Chris and I made fun of all the time because it just looked so darn pitiful leaning in one direction with not a leaf on it. 

They planted two crape myrtle trees  to replace the one that they dug up and I have never seen such vibrant colors. One of them is a real deep purple. Just gorgeous.  But I have a feeling that those things are going to make Chris miserable.  He is allergic to anything that pollinates. Hence the reason why we don't really landscape our yard. I am not sure I could even get away with planting a small vegetable garden in the backyard without aggravating his allergies.  I think Chris may need a mask just to walk outside our house LOL!

One of the guys came over while I was working today and asked Chris how much I would charge to clean the place so the tenants could just move right in this weekend.  Let me just say that their idea of cleaning is taking out all the furniture that was left behind plus all the trash(which isn't even in trash bags or put in a pile yet, I am assuming they would want me to do that too) and then give it a good scrub down.  Keep in mind that today is Wednesday and I have a booked Thursday and Friday and the tenants are expecting to move in Friday night through the weekend.  No way can I do this, but Chris told them $500.00 and the guys is actually considering it.  To me $500 is not enough for everything. I have a feeling that I will go through a lot of my cleaning products to get it really clean. Besides, the placed is trashed, it would take me most of the time to just get the garbage and furniture out of the house. If that guy agrees then Chris will be my bitch helper.  I am not kidding.

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