Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey Fatty... work harder, you still have ass back there.

Although this cartoon may be funny it is so true.  However, what about people that do exercise an hour a day with little or no results? I know that just because you exercise, it does not mean that you can go right out afterwards and eat for four people.  I know some people actually do that and I have to stifle a laugh because of how ridiculous that is. 

I have many pounds to lose and I am embarrassed by how I look, but I do know that I have not done a single thing to contribute to this.  I work hard cleaning houses every dang day, to the point where my customers will turn their a/c down when I come  to clean, because I sweat like a damn pig.  Which to me should be a good sign that I am raising my heart rate. That is supposed to imply that my cardio is kicking into overdrive and my metabolism should be working like it is supposed to.  My customers do not have to turn down their a/c's, I am not sweating because I am hot.  I have told them that, but I think they are afraid that I will faint or something.  I feel bad that many of them are that concerned or maybe they feel like others do about me. I am too fat and chances are I could have a heart attack if I proceed to sweat like that.

There are a lot of diets out there, but I am getting to the point where I don't think a single one will help me.  I mean, how does one discern which diet is going to work for them if they have no clue on how their bodies react?   I more interested in finding things that are natural and work with the body to promote metabolism health rather than trying the next fad.  How many times have you come across alli reviews or "actual true statements" from people that have done this diet or that diet?  To me it's not about dieting anyway, it's about balancing particular foods and exercise that promotes healthy weight.  Fast food is called that because well... it's fast.  It is also so unhealthy that it makes me cringe to know the calorie and fat that is inside a simple cheeseburger and fries. 

 I am lumped into the category of "I must be fat because I do not take care of myself". I find that so stinking demeaning.  You have no idea what caused me to gain weight so I don't need your snide remarks and criticism. I was loading my cleaning equipment into the trunk of my car the other day and some smart ass shouted out to me "Hey Fatty, work harder, you still have ass back there".  Wow... I was speechless because although I am sure people would think things like that of me, I just never heard anyone actually say that to me.  I felt defeated and hurt.  My cleaning has nothing to do with my weight.  My weight should say nothing about me as a person.  I am me no matter what size I may be. 

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