Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't ignore the girl with the cookies.

 It is Girl Scout Cookie time once again and please show your support for the girls that work so hard standing in front of store fronts selling their hearts out.

My daughter, Katie, is a real saleswoman, she always has a big smile on her face and is very polite when people tell her no thank you.  She always responds to that by saying "Thank you and have a great day". More times than not, just her polite response has changed the peoples minds and they will come back to buy a box or two. However, if you ignore her completely she will call you out on it.  Although she is still very polite she will tell them that "it is rude to ignore someone that is talking to you and how could the youth of America learn politeness and manners by such rude people?  She said that the other day to an older man and he was so dumb founded that he came over to her and gave her a twenty dollar bill.  He apologized and told her she was correct and that the twenty dollars was for her and not the cookies.  In turn she told him that she would donate the twenty dollars to the Mints for Military to provide our soldiers with cookies for their dedication to our country. I kid you not, my girl is something else. 

Any other girl besides a select few would have pocketed that twenty dollars as a reward to themselves.  I am more proud of the fact that Katie is always thinking of others before herself.  So dear readers, remember when you encounter the cute little girl asking you if you want to buy some girl scout cookies that you may in fact be seeing the face of my Katie and please do not ignore her, she doesn't like that.

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