Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Helping Phil Battle Multiple Myeloma

Back at the end of December I wrote an important post on my friend, Phil. 
I am reattempting to spread the word in hopes that it gains some much needed attention.  You see, he is struggling not only with this stupid cancer but he is in desperate financial need.  His wife, Jen, is a RN and works limited shifts to help support their family.  She is Phil's caretaker first and foremost, so when he is struggling she stays home to care for him.  

I can not find the words that express how important it is to be able to raise the money in an effort to help him and his family. I see the need, but apparently many do not. 

I know the economy plays a part for some people not being able to help, I understand their situation.  However, there are people out there that can help and that is what I am striving for.  If you can not personally help them with a donation, then please spread the word.  I have started this small snowball in hopes that others will help it roll along to get bigger and bigger. 

Even a simple one dollar donation will help.  That is one dollar more towards the goal.  I have a donation button (Helping Phil Battle with Multiple Myeloma) already in place and there is also a donation button on Jen's blog.  Both buttons are linked to her paypal account. 

If you are moved by their need, please post this on your blog and most definitely link the first post so that people can get an idea with what he struggles with. 

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jen said...

Thank you for always thinking of us, your an amazing friend.