Saturday, February 19, 2011

There has to be an off switch to my brain.

I have been contemplating about a lot of things lately.  So much so that I have been getting migraines consistently for a week now.  It is stressed induced, that I am sure of.
I have been thinking about whether or not to restructure my cleaning business.  Should I really concentrate on the commercial side of it or just stick with my extremely loyal customers on the residential side?  I have a lot of seasonal customers, but that is just it, they are SEASONAL.  They aren't here year round. I have just a few here that are.  It's going to be an extremely slow off season for me (which will not be good for me financially) and I am probably going to have to consider spending money on advertising which I really do not want to do.  It is so dang expensive.  Some people may say that this is a no brainer.  Not really the case though.  Commercial cleaning is extremely non lucrative.  Unless that is what your business is based on, you won't make a great living at.  Smaller pay scale on a larger employee scale.  Really doesn't make sense.  Unless you don't mind paying your employees scraps for wages.  I believe that this kind of work demands quality performance but you are not going to get that from your employees if you pay them next to nothing for it.
My weight is driving me crazy.  I can not lose for the life of me.  I have been forcing myself to take walks with the dogs, keeping track of what I eat, getting at least 8 hours of sleep, the whole nine yards.  It just will not come off.  I don't want to have to do a full on fat burner review by trying all those pills and energy drinks that are on the market.  I just don't think they work. The ones that may work are extremely expensive and I probably would spend just as much as being on nutrisystem or the equivalent and that really is not what I need right now.  I may just need my thyroid checked but I lack the funds to have those tests done.  Although I have noticed in the last several months that something is not right in my throat.  It is getting extremely hard to swallow minimal amounts of food.  Hence the reason that I do not eat much in the first place.  I gag on water here people.  There must be something else going on here.  I think a trip to the county health department will be the best thing to do. If I can't qualify for free health care then I may be able to pay on a sliding scale.  I will have to call on Monday to find out what their procedures are.  It's time I get the throat checked out.
I have been thinking of starting a non profit organization to help people with Multiple Myeloma financially. It's not something that I am weighing lightly in my mind.  I will do this, it will just depend on how fast I can get it going.  I know that there is a need for this.  Just seeing my close friend dealing with the financial struggles is enough for me to understand that many others might be struggling too.  There are many organizations that raise money strictly for the research side of things, but hardly anyone is helping the actual people themselves dealing with this cancer.  How can you effectively concentrate on winning the battle, if you are so stressed out as to where the money is coming from to help pay for the basic necessities, like the mortgage, car payments, utilities bills, groceries or for medical needs that are not all covered under your health care insurance?  People typically diagnosed with this cancer can not work anymore. Of course trying to get disability is a joke.  It can take years to win your case.  Even if you do have disability, it doesn't mean that it will pay for everything. I know quite a few people that are on this program and I could just spit nails as to how little they do receive. It's ridiculous.

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