Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Saturday

Today wasn't bad. I got some cleaning done. We had Chris' dad over for dinner while Chris' mom and Brittany are in Pennsylvania visiting relatives. They are coming back on Thursday. We are not sure whether Brittany is going to be able to stay permanently or not. Her mother hasn't called Chris back and tomorrow it will be a stinking week. Brittany is determined to stay and we want her to stay but Chris is pretty sure that his ex wife will raise a stink. Brittany will be 18 in October and she hasn't spent any time with us (except once a year when she stays with Chris' parents) in 6 years. Chris has visitation but his ex refused to let him take her for weekends or even call the house to talk to her. Yes, he could have taken her to court but we didn't really have the money to spend on a lawyer. Brittany is dreading the possibility of going back and we know that if she does she will just runaway again. We will know for sure when she gets back from P.A. because Chris and Brittany will be calling her mom to give her the scoop. Wish us luck.


Blindsighted One said...

Sorry to hear about your this struggle. That's rough. Hope things work out.

Mindy said...

Blindsighted - Welcome and do not be a stranger:) We will know by Friday whether we will have a battle on our hands.