Friday, July 6, 2007

Some days I just feel

spent. I don't know how to get out of this funk. I just have so much to do in any given day and never enough time to do it. If I do get up enough energy to tackle what needs to be done then I spend the next week dragging ass. I know if I could just lose the excess weight I have accumulated it would be so much easier to do all of it.

Brittany is adjusting well. Jeff and Britt went out and applied for jobs yesterday. Jeff is still looking for a job that will give him more hours so he can bring home more money. He said he may even keep his job and just work a second during the summer. Auntie Anne's has a scholarship program that he would like to maintain. Chris and Britt are going to our county vocational school today to talk with a guidance counselor about getting her in a GED program instead of enrolling her in a regular high school. Britt just doesn't do well in a regular school setting. She would also like to take courses in Cosmetology. We will see what we can do for her. Her mother just allowed her to get her learner's permit over spring break. She will be 18 in October and has yet to drive a car. So of course we will need to see about enrolling her in driver's ed. My head is spinning on all we need to get her set up for. Chris is enjoying it though. He missed having her with us.

In a few weeks Britt and Grandma will be flying to Pennsylvania to visit grandma's sister. This is a yearly tradition that they do together. By the time they get back we will know for sure if Britt will in fact be with us permanently. We are hoping so.


Humincat said...

Yesterday, I was completely spent. I just did the minimum, and even that exhausted me. I feel better today, so I'm sure you will soon. And good luck with the weight loss. I go back and forth on wether it's my weight or my lifestyle. I am a lazyass. Maybe if I were one of those people who were always GO,GO,GO, even when nobody else was looking, I would be healthier and less exhausted by one holiday.....I'm to lazy to get started though.

Humincat said...

Come on Mindy, I'm missing ya....