Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I hate being sick..

Two days off from work and I can't even enjoy it because I feel like crap. Normally Katie goes to camp while I am at work but she has been home with me and the teens.. Glad they looked out for her. Not to mention that daddy came home early yesterday because he wasn't feeling much better. I slept for almost 16 hours. I couldn't believe it.. Not including potty breaks. Every part of my body ached and my throat is so swollen.

Chris went to the doctors and was given antibiotics. I have been taking Silver and gargling salt water. I have similar symptoms as Chris does except that my throat is not sore or scratchy. I woke up this morning feeling better but not 100%. I am hoping tomorrow I will feel like my old self.


Humincat said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better, I hate feeling sick. I can't have ANY sickness without my mom telling me to gargle with saltwater, so I'm sure it's helping.

Mindy said...

Humincat - haha... mom's. gotta love em!