Monday, July 9, 2007

Mini Break

I took a break from my normal everyday activities to do some stuff that needed my attention. This weekend I spent most of my time cleaning the house thoroughly and getting the bed linens clean as well. I did it all with a migraine to boot. Not much has happened.

Chris has been on the computer for most of the weekend playing his new Dofus game. So I haven't had a chance to surf the net or my favorite bloggers. I will get up to date today maybe early evening. Chris is not feeling so well. He probably will be turning in early tonight and that will give me a chance to get on the PC.


Mr. Fabulous said...

You didn't poison him or anything to get computer time, did you?

Humincat said...

Well glad your house is clean. I wish I could say the same,,,,,but I've been blogging like crazy, so that has to count for something,right?

Mindy said...

Mr Fab - Nope. I am now sick with whatever he has.

Humincat - blogging or cleaning the house? I pick blogging everytime:)