Monday, December 1, 2008

24 days of insanity? I sure hope not!

Since I am still recuperating from whatever the hell I have caught, I am trying to be productive in my Christmas shopping by seeing what the deals are online. Chris and I have already purchased the big gift for the family. I can say we did a pretty good thing for the kids this Christmas. We bought a Wii. This was a decision that took months to make. Weighing the Pros and Cons and finally settling on purchasing it before Black Friday hit. We did our homework and figured better to do it now or not do it at all. Since, they would probably be unavailable, once the biggest shopping day of the year hit. Chris sacrificed his Xbox and all his equipment and games to be able to purchase an extra controller and accessories and four games. Total out of pocket cost for the whole shebang including the Wii…. $240.00!!! Not bad considering the Wii itself cost $250.00! I think we shopped smart on that one.

Now I am trying to locate wholesale electronics for two members of the family. I found a couple of good deals so I may actually be done with that part of shopping, now, all I have to do is find a few more items and my end will be 100% done. Now it will just be buying for Chris from the kids. Chris and I have forgone our gift giving to each other this year. We wanted to make sure the kids were taken care of and besides, with this economy, we have done pretty well considering. I let him off the hook for Christmas but he better remember my birthday or he will be sleeping with the animals. I am betting that Reese, Bentley, Cuddles and Belle will not like having a human in their bed this Thursday. We shall see though!


Leeanne said...

Since funds are tight I am trying to get ideas of what others are doing for their kids for Christmas. I think our big gift is a vacation to go back home, somewhere my daughter hasn't been in 2-3 yrs and I have not been in over 6 yrs and I would like my family to meet my 2 newest children. I see you got your kids a Wii and said that was the big gift. What else do you get your kids are they just a bunch of small things?

Mindy said...

Leeanne - A trip back home is an awesome gift!
Yeah, the rest of my gift giving is going to be clothes and more clothes for my kids. I am lucky that they don't mind and actually like getting clothes for Christmas. LOL