Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Business Christmas Party

Every year, Chris' office Christmas party, is held at his dad's partner, Ben's, house. It was for adults only because there was just not enough room for everyone and their children. This year however, is going to be different. The partner has moved to a bigger and better house and all are welcomed. Jeff was going to act as the gateman to direct people where to go once they pulled into the complex. He won't be because he is actually going to be working a full 8 hours at his job at the mall. That job may fall on Chris.

Chris has told me that the new house is huge. He has a room exclusively for a home theater with home theater seating set up just like a cinema. So, maybe the little ones can be entertained in there with a movie marathon or something. I know Katie will be all into that. There is a billiard room with a nice bar (I will be probably be seated at the bar all night) and he will have a bartender on duty until everyone leaves. Food will be catered by Sonny's because Ben loves Sonny's and we will provide a few items like we do every year. All the VIP people of Sarasota will be there like every year and although you would think people of money are all hoity toity; this group is extremely nice and fun. Some of the big wigs responsible for all the condominiums on Siesta Key, Longboat Key and Casey Key (where Stephen King has a house by the way) will be attending.

Last year was good. We weren't expecting Chris to get a bonus because business was down. Although, they did surprise Chris with a bonus. This year we are not counting on it either but it would be nice. They have had to scale back on office staff, in total they have laid off three people, including, the office manager. So I highly doubt there will be a bonus but we shall see. Ben by the way did not buy this house. He rents it and he got a great deal on it. He got a bigger house costing less money than what he was spending. So that just goes to show you that even the well to do are cutting costs.

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