Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Call him Speedy Gonzales

Yesterday, Chris and I evaluated our expenses. We are budget minded individuals, and we strive to save money where we can. After receiving our car insurance invoice, we thought maybe we could save additional money there by taking me off of our combined policy and placing me with my own insurance. Our main objective, besides saving money, was to insure my Malibu for the cleaning business and possibly setting up a commercial account so that it could be incorporated into the cleaning business expenditures. It's not going to happen that way. Yes, I could get a great deal on my own but, Chris would end up paying a lot more with me out of the picture as a secondary driver for both vehicles. We can contribute that to his **ahem** driving boo boos. Chris has a lot of speeding tickets but luckily the points start coming off this coming March. The reason we pay a hefty premium now is because of Chris and his lead foot. With me out of the picture his premium would almost double. So for now I will continue to stay on until his record is clear. I say within the year it should be. That's of course he keeps his nose clean and the cruise control on.

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