Thursday, December 11, 2008

Barley keeping my eyes open

Today was a long day. After dropping off my daughter at school this morning, I made my way to Longboat Key for a cleaning job. That is approximately a 35 minute drive from my house. The weather was lousy, rain and high winds made my commute seem never ending. I was supposed to be there at 9am. I called the client at 8:20 to let them know that I would be late. I was so happy when she told me that she figured as much because the rain is falling harder there and to take my time. I got there at 9:15. I didn't start cleaning until 10 because she is a talker. I was estimating that I would be there for 3-4 hours since this was a new client and I already knew it needed a thorough cleaning since they are snowbirds and only down here for the winter.

The apartment has not been cleaned in 6 months and the last cleaning lady never cleaned it after they left. It took me 5 hours! My client felt so bad that she gave me $20.00 dollars more than I told her the job would be. Apparently she was pleased with my work because I have now become her new cleaning lady. She gave me a key to her apartment and I will be cleaning for her every week and then once a month while they are up north for the summer. I also realized today that I am enjoying the independence of having my own cleaning company and being my own boss. The down side? I come home completely spent and exhausted. I had Chris and Katie help me with dinner tonight. They didn't mind. They could tell by the look on my face that I was fighting to stay awake. I am hoping that once I start to lose the excess weight that it won't be a problem. Only time will tell though!

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