Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting better

I am feeling somewhat normal again. So far the only two to escape the agony has been Chris and Katie. Jeff was under the weather with different symptoms than mine. He had an earache and body aches but he was back to feeling better by Monday morning. I kept telling him that it was ok to stay home from school but when he knows he has tests, what I say to him falls on deaf ears.
The thing about Jeff is even though he may be sick, if he has something important going on at school, he will go no matter how bad he feels. His immune system is amazingly potent. He may get sick one or twice a year and when he does he bounces back fast. I was never like that. When I got sick I was down for a few days at least. Katie is like me in that respect. Jeff is like Chris. It's uncanny how much a like they are but they are not even blood related.

On a different note... I did do my cleaning jobs and I got them done without feeling terrible. I have the day off today but the next two days are booked. Today after the kids get home from school I will need to take the kids Christmas shopping for each other and Chris. Jeff needs to pick up a few things for a few of his friends and his Secret Santa gift for the Anime club he is in. I have also been nominated to make some cookies for his club on Friday. I told Jeff that HE can do most of the work and I will supervise him. I normally make Christmas cookies but I just have been so busy or sick to do any of it. I do not want to wait until the last minute so I am hoping to do some a little at a time every day. Hopefully that won't be to overwhelming.

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