Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Craig's List Rocks

I have heard about Craig's List before but never really gave it much thought. Until Chris' mom told me I should advertise the cleaning business on it. There is no cost to do this. I have a few ads on it and have gotten a few calls but sadly many of them were from people that are out of my service range.

Port Charlotte is almost 45 minutes away and to me that is just not cost worthy. But today I did receive an email from a woman in Sarasota. I called her number and left a message. She is looking for a Bi-weekly clean and I sure hope that it pans out. A lot of people that call me want a quote over the phone. I do not give prices over the phone. A lot of times in the past I have ended spending too much time on a home and all the extras they wanted but since I already gave them a price over the phone I could not in good conscience tell them it would be more. So... I do not do that anymore. There are reasons why a lot of companies do not quote anymore. More times than not they will offer a free in home quote because it gives them a better understanding of what exactly the customer wants. Many times a customer may think they know what needs to be done but in reality it is something completely different. I just thought I would put that thought out there in case there are people that don't have that understanding.


happymommy3 said...

Craigslist is awesome. A month or so ago we had some things we wanted to sell. I listed them on craigslist really late at night. Overnight I had an abundance of emails and by noon the next day they were both sold. It was great. Good luck with the business.

Mindy said...

happymommy3 - Craigslist is looking better and better to me all the time. I have a stackable washer/dryer that we are going to be listing and some other things I would like to get rid of.