Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures

My mom has such a flair for decorating a wonderful holiday table. I wasn't blessed with that talent one bit.

You can barely see me... I am sandwiched between my parents. My mom duped me into getting the rolls ready to go into the oven. Funny thing though, my kitchen is 3 times this size and I call it a one person kitchen.

Here is my dad, carving the turkey (one of them that is) Chris got the pleasure of cutting his fried turkey minutes after my dad was done.

It's beginning to look a lot like stuff your face time.
By the time everyone got ready to dig in there was not one place on this table that wasn't packed with a dish. Even the built in hutch behind the table was full with food.
I had asked Chris why he didn't get pictures of the family. His parents and our kids. Apparently the kids were next door playing until it was time to eat and his parents kept giving him dirty looks. I think we all know where he gets his camera shyness from. LOL!

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