Friday, July 9, 2010

Landed another contract!

I am rocking the cleaning business thingy... I just landed a new contract at the same condominium complex.  This time it will be for the Clubhouse and Office. YES!!!! Finally all my hard work is starting to pay off. 

The down side to cleaning the common areas of the condos is that there is no ventilation.  Yes there are windows that are opened in the hallways during the days, but unless there is a breeze it is stifling in there.  I sweated my ass off this past week and I am hoping beyond all hope that maybe this will be the kick start to me finally dropping the pounds and if not, than I will be needing some kind of magic weight loss wand. Seriously, I have not worked so hard as I did this past week. I sure hope a few more weeks of this and I will start seeing my waist line shrink.

 On top of that more and more of my clients are calling for cleanings and I will definitely be needing to hire one individual to help me.  At least help me clean for the condo association so I can get at least one client in per day.  Many of my clients prefer just me to clean.  There are a few exceptions but they are few a far between.  My husband helped me last week and he will help again this week coming up, but it will be to train someone to take over for him. I have a person in mind and he has previous cleaning experience.  He cleaned a chocolate factory for a few years before they cut their staff to a skeleton crew. 

So all I need to conquer now is getting the contract for the high rise buildings.  The same company that had the mid rises and the clubhouse is still doing the high rises.  I am hoping that changes here quickly.  Than I will definitely be established.

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