Thursday, July 8, 2010

Space: The final frontier. As in I need more space for my junk!

It has been a very emotionally draining process with the move and the business that I just don't know where to start on getting the "new" house organized.  Surfing the web for ideas that just leave you with the click here mentality to see all the different ways of hiding the clutter or storing away the junk that no one can seem to part with. 

Many people have given me great ideas and I have been researching those ideas because for right now they seem to be the solution, and as we slowly and I do mean slowly as in snail doo doo, go through each box of what the heck is in there because no one remembered to label said boxes, I am more and more buried in the "where the hell are we going to put everything" mode.

The biggest culprit is my husbands tools and out door stuff.  We really need some type of outdoor storage.  He is wanting to get a nice big shed to put everything into but does anyone know how truly expensive those are?  I could buy a few more Oreck vacuums for that kind of money. 

Right now I think I will invest in a closet system, one that my husband can install, so that we can have an neat and organized area.  All three closets need it. They don't even have doors on the closets.  Something the last tenant decided they could not part without. Just like they took the a/c unit out of the master bedroom wall and my husband had to retro fit the one the landlord bought to replace it and is half the size of the hole in the wall.  It's nice to walk into our room and see the big hole encompass the tiny a/c unit. NOT! The landlord seems to think it fits fine and we can just enclose the hole to surround the a/c.  Ummm... not if you want the a/c to work. But that is another ball of wax all together right?

I figure within the next few months, we will be truly moved in established once all the crap is put in its place.  I hope so, because I am tired of walking through a room as if it were a maze. 

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