Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nevermind keeping up the with the Jones', he needs to stop keeping up with our parents...

My parents are back from Ohio from a much needed break and visit with family. My niece graduated from high school and they wanted to catch up with everyone that is still in Ohio.  My dad was supposed to be scheduled for knee replacement surgery once they got back, but that is postponed for now.  Apparently his surgeon is very ill and they have to find a replacement surgeon for all of his patients.  Not sure how long my dad will have to wait to be able to have the first knee done.  They were hoping to have both his knees done in time for the trip to Germany.  My mom is a part of the singing Christmas Tree performance that our church has put on every year for over thirty years.  They were invited by the military to perform for our troops stationed in Germany.  This will take place in December.  Not sure if my dad is going to be able to go unless they get him in fast or he may opt to wait until after they get back.  Not sure how that is going to happen though. 

While they were in Ohio, my dad almost purchased a motor home.  My mom was a little miffed at the idea because they live in a retirement community of manufactured homes with limited parking spaces for boats and motor homes.  They already have to pay extra for their boat and my mom wasn't really wanting to have to pay more for another parking space and on top of that motorhome insurance.  She isn't totally against the idea of owning a motor home but would rather utilize it on a daily basis, as in, traveling in it for most of the year.  My dad on the other hand just wants to use it for road trips every now and then.  Something my mom cannot wrap her mind around.  Although they may both want one, I don't see them getting one in the near future if they can't agree on what to do with it.  Every time my parents have an idea to do something, my husband seems to jump in on their bandwagon.  He now wants a motor home.  He thinks it would be a perfect family vacation vehicle.  Although we will not be getting one anytime soon, he will talk about this idea for a least six months. 

We haven't taken a vacation since we took the kids to Disney World in 2005.  Not that we couldn't afford to take more but when Chris worked for his dad, he couldn't take more than three days at a time.  Who can enjoy a vacation on three days?  I would need a vacation just to recover from such a short vacation.  So, we would just take the kids to Busch Gardens a few weekends during the Summer and once in the Winter.  Now? Well... we just need to focus on maintaining my business and him returning to school.  With only my income and the little income he gets from unemployment, we managed to pay all our bills and the necessities.  I don't foresee a vacation until at least next summer.  And that is if Chris takes the summer off from school otherwise it may be at least 3 years until we can manage one.  Until then, I will just schedule little things for the weekends, that way Katie gets some quality out of her summer vacation from school.

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