Thursday, July 15, 2010

Still Organizing

I am learning that I am not Superman by any means, and there is no ability to leap steel buildings in a single bound on my end.   I have been trying to do it all and I am failing miserably at it.  Today, I realized that I need to start delegating the small stuff and just relax and not worry so much. 
So, I have taken a day off from work (by not scheduling any cleanings for today) and just relax.  Now, I have done a few things around my house, such as, getting things in the proper places so it does not look like we are still moving in. 

As far as everyone else though, they have had jobs appointed to them.  My husband, took care of the minor handyman work.  He put up a curtain underneath my kitchen sink to hide the area where there are no cabinets and to hide the exposed kitchen sink pipes.  He also got my washer and dryer all hooked up and he also cleared most of the storage from the bonus room and found places for everything. 

Katie has rearranged her room several times already but I think she has finally found the exact way she wants it... hopefully.  She has more stuff than I know what to do with and she is going to need the under the bed storage.

Jeff is still trying to come up with an organizing system. As he would say, It is an Epic Fail Mom!  We just don't have a clue as where to start with his room.  He doesn't have a closet so most of his clothes are getting folded and put in his dresser, which is busting at the seams because he has a lot of clothes.  His shoes, skateboard, and miscellaneous items are getting stored under the bed.  I would like to put up shelves for a lot of his baseball memorabilia but that will not be anytime soon. 

Two weeks into the move and we are still trying to find areas to store important things in.  I hope that by the time we are here a month it will be a lot better.


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