Saturday, July 3, 2010

Needing a few ideas, please!

I did my best to downsize our belongings before making the move.  Needless to say, we still have way more crap than this house can hold.  So... I am in dire need of some expert organizing advice. 

The kitchen is, I think what most would call it an efficiency kitchen or maybe a utility kitchen.  It has one wall of four cabinets and two cupboards.  Barely enough to store dishes, glasses, Tupperware and casserole dishes. No real counter top space to prepare meals on, so I may have to start using the dining room table to do that. No biggie though, it reminds me of my grandmother's house and how no matter how tiny it was, she made use of it.  But at least she had a defined kitchen area. Here there are no defining walls for the kitchen and it opens up to what we use as a dining room, small entertainment area for Katie, because she has no room in her bedroom for her t.v. and my office.  This room is actually the main part of the house. The house was originally a two bedroom and one bath home.  The carport was enclosed and out of that they utilized a laundry area and a third bedroom.  On  the other side of the house which used to be an enclosed lanai, they also build walls and extended the roof to make what they tried to call a fourth bedroom but it actually serves as a bonus/family room.  They even had a fireplace installed with a chimney.  I don't think it works though and I am not sure I really want to find out. That is the room that has the leaks in it and so far we have not been able to enjoy it and it is now serving more as a storage room than a family room. Don't worry we have kept the furniture away from the wall that has the leaks but boxes and storage containers are up against the wall because we have run out ideas for what to do with all that stuff.  The house has no garage and no outside storage.  Down the road, when we can afford to, we will be installing a shed and a few other outside secured areas for the outside stuff and my husband's tools. Right now they are all in the house.  There is no fence surrounding the house otherwise I would keep my daughters bike outside too.  But as we live on a very busy street there is not telling what thievery would go on.  We have already had our mailbox flag ripped off by some punk after only moving in a few short days ago.  The first day we moved in, two sheriffs used our yard to park their patrol cars, so they could go arrest some wife beater a few houses down. We had to wait until they left so we could resume moving our stuff here. We were prisoners in our "new" home for over two hours.  What a welcoming committee that was!

My husband is going to "help" me later on today by going through and trying to find the perfect spot for everything  and hang pictures to cover up some unsightly holes but I have this sinking feeling that I will be doing this on my own.  Ever since he started playing that stupid computer game, Evony, I am pretty much on my own with things anyhow.  Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should be allowed to enjoy a computer game or two. I am a huge Sims fan.  What I don't think is right, is allowing that to overtake your responsibilities.  That is something that both my husband and son do. 

So again, if anyone has any ideas on how to organize and has creative ideas on utilizing storage, please drop me a line.  I would be ecstatic to have any ideas at all.


Kat said...

I have absolutely no ideas right off the top of my head, I would need to see what you're working with before I could give suggestions, and I'm just not up for going out anywhere right now, I'm very sorry. :(

And I agree about the game playing.
Game playing is for later, after all of the work is done, not before, not during, but after the work is all done.
Ugh, that makes me so mad and frustrated too.

Semky said...

I've lived in every kind of home except "mansion" or "castle", but I always did a purge before I moved from one pad to another. And then if there's still too much stuff at the new end, I purge some more. Most stuff is really just junk or will become so soon enough, so get rid of it now. After all, we need room for our electronic toys nowadaze, so that other stuff we supposedly need to "live" isn't as important anymore!