Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wanting to go from Shamu to Bow Chicka Bow Wow!

I have seen so many more weight loss product commercials in the last three days than I have seen in months.  What is up with that?  The funny thing about it is most of the commercials were around a two hour time frame centered around this show called Most Daring which went with the theme about  fat people doing stupid things.  As I was watching the shows I felt more and more self conscious about my own weight problem.  I was initially told by my doctor that after the surgery to remove Quasimodo from my neck that I would have no problem shedding thirty pounds within a few months.  She believed the tumor was obstructing my thyroids ability to function properly.  Since I have not dropped the pounds like expected she is now convinced that my thyroid has been compromised and will need some assistance to work like it is supposed to.  Blood work has shown a significant problem before and after the surgery. 
I will have to find a primary physician and get the ball rolling on that once I have health insurance.  Which should be in the near future since I now have to have health insurance through  my company since I am not eligible for workman's comp insurance.  I am still hoping to drop the weight with all the cleaning jobs that I have taken on.  When I clean for the condo association I come home like I am coming back from a wet T-shirt contest.  It is a work out in itself and sweating so much has to be doing something, other than dehydrating me, which I don't think it is doing since I am constantly sucking down the water.  I just hope that I can shed the excess weight without having to spend money at the doctor's and prescriptions. 

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