Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another MM Warrior has fallen

Geraldine Ferraro died a few days ago from complications of Multiple Myeloma.  She battled this cancer for twelve years.  It breaks my heart every time I hear of someone succumbing to this awful disease, and I have a very dear friend fighting it right now.  I have mentioned Phil before, and because of him, I have taken up the cause to start a non profit for all MM(Multiple Myeloma) Warriors in need. We call them Warriors because they are fighting a battle of their lives.
Starting a non profit is no easy feat.  To raise money you need money.  Same old, same old.  I have entered a contest in hopes of winning a $2,000 dollar grant in order to get this non profit off the ground.  The contest is via facebook and offered by MomCentral.  If you have a facebook account, I urge you to seek this contest out and vote for my submission: Starting a Multiple Myeloma non profit.  There are so many people suffering with this cancer that would benefit greatly from a non profit like this. 
Also, I am accepting donations for this cause. If you have ever wanted to be apart of something great, this is it. This non profit foundation would strictly be utilized for helping victims of MM and their families that are struggling financially. 
Phil and his wife are the perfect example.  He gets $1400/month in disability benefits because the disease has rendered him incapable of working.  His wife, Jen, is a nurse but their combined wages do not cover all the necessities.  Phil's disability covers his medication and services that their insurance doesn't cover.
You see how important a non profit is here?  Imagine struggling with a disease so debilitating and relentless. Now imagine trying to battle this disease, while trying to make ends meet every month, not knowing if you will even have enough gas to make it to your next Chemo appointment, that is so detrimental in your fighting this cancer.  I want to alleviate that stress and allow the Warriors to concentrate on their battle.

Please take a few moments to either vote (you can vote daily on a 24 hour cycle until April 15th) or donate.  Your time and/or money will be the key to someones life that is struggling just to be able to live.

You may donate via paypal though the donation button located to the top left of the side bar. Located under the Vote for Me badge.

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